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Vulture Games Studio, LLC is an independent development company focused on making quality video games for the entertainment of the masses. We have already released a 2D Puzzle/Platformer game on the Xbox LIVE Indie Game Marketplace, and we are currently working on a 3D Action/Adventure game called "Halcyon Experiment" that will push the boundaries of Xbox LIVE Indie Games into the next realm. This work-in-progress will also be released on the PC.


Due to the game's extensive amount of features, we can't at this time specify when the game will be ready for release.



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For any comments relating to various games or game releases, feel free to use the "Forum" section of the site.  If you have any game specific issues that need immediate attention, you can contact us at the customer support email address provided.




United States

Contact Information

General Information:  contact@vulturegamesstudio.com

Customer Support:  customersupport@vulturegamesstudio.com